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Avoidable POS mistakes

Avoidable POS mistakes

Avoidable POS Mistakes

For retail and hospitality businesses, your POS system is an essential component of your operation. Making sure your POS system is running to the best of its ability can play a major role in the overall performance of your business. Conversely, mistakes made with your system design can have potentially calamitous knock-on effects. So, if you are developing a new – or upgrading your current POS system, read this!

Know your hardware specs

It wasn’t that long ago when many retailers would simply use a standard desktop computer to run their POS software platforms. And, in the early days when the programs were relatively basic, that was fine. However, as POS platforms have become increasingly more sophisticated, you need to ensure that your system is capable of handling the increased capacity and speed required. Unlike standard PCs and tablets, specialist POS equipment has been designed to cope with the environment it will be used in and the high usage it will invariably face.

Protect the security of your POS devices

We all know how important security is when it comes to our devices these days, and your POS system is no different. Poorly configured devices could lead to potential data breaches, which could lead to huge fines under GDPR laws and ultimately, a huge loss to the confidence customers may have in your business. Ensure that if your POS system is connected to any WiFi networks, that that network is properly secure and using strong, robust password protection.

Cable Management

As well as the security of your data, retailers and hospitality businesses need to ensure the health and safety of its staff and customers. When creating your POS system, be mindful of the potential trip hazards that poor cable management could cause. Should someone trip and pull out a cable, not only could this cause injury, but it could also lead to system downtime if cables or other equipment is damaged. We recommend that priority be given to effective cable management when initially developing your system. This could be done through a site survey, prior to installation.

Getting the most from your POS software

Whenever you make an investment in a business, you want to get as much of a return as possible. Those that are merely using their EPOS as a cash drawer and a means to process sales, are missing out on whole host of features that could help to streamline their entire operation. When choosing who to buy your EPOS equipment from, it is worth enquiring whether they can also offer your staff and users any system training. As well as the basics such as data logging and application processing, which when used properly can massively benefit your business by providing business intelligence and a more up to date CRM, you could also look to use more advanced tasks such as stock taking, promotions and loyalty schemes and customer service handling etc. Talk to your supplier to see how they can help.

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