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AURES SANGO/YUNO 1D Barcode Scanner - Manufacturers information

This integrated single-line miniature scanner manufactured by Honeywell for AURES Sango/Yuno EPOS terminal.

Ultra-compact and flexible (articulated), this built in device has been designed for the reading of all 1D barcodes.

As an optional extra, it comes attached to the side of the EPOS touch-screen - allowing users to keep their hands free - unlike traditional handheld scanners that often take up too much space, get lost or break when they fall off counter tops.

No visible wires create a tidy and clutter free sales counter.

Its excellent scanning quality and performance enable optimized reading of all supports, even the most difficult of barcodes (such as restaurant vouchers in some countries, for example).

Thanks to its movement sensor, the sango 1D built in mini-scanner switches automatically into standby mode when not in use, for improved energy savings

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