BTP-M300 Grade A


Refurbished Grade A Black kitchen printer with USB, Serial and Ethernet interface as standard. Prints in two colours - black and red

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BTP-M300 Grade A Dot Matrix Printer

Kitchen Printer with triple interface

Grade A

Till Printer

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BTP-M300 Grade A - Manufacturers information

This printer is the ideal heavy-duty dot matrix/kitchen printer. 9-pin serial impact dot matrix receipt printer offers high quality, high speed and stable performance. This printer is favourable for hot environments such as kitchens due to its dot matrix design, meaning the print will remain clear to read unlike thermal printers where the paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes colour when exposed to heat. It comes with a paper cutter and can be used for dry cleaning ticket rolls.

This thermal printer is ENERGY STAR qualified making it a cost efficient purchase.  It comes with a wall mounting facility built in and spill proof cover available.

It has a print speed of 400 dots/line and features an easy-to-use drop and print paper loading mechanism.

This printer has USB, Serial and Ethernet interface as standard

BTP-M300 printer offers all the same qualities as the BTP-M280 but has an internal power supply whereas the BTP-M280 has an external PSU. An internal power supply is advantageous keeping cables to a minimum. The BTP-M280 has been discontinued and replaced with the BTP-M300.

This printer has the capability of an integrated company logo plate for promotion of your brand.

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