Syble XB-8608 New USB


New Omnidirectional barcode scanner with USB interface

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Syble XB-8608 New Omnidirectional USB Scanner
Colour: Black/Red
1D/2D Laser
Corded USB Interface
Corded USB 2M Cable

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Syble XB-8608 New - Manufacturers information

The Syble XB-8608 2D presentation barcode scanner is one of Syble's best-selling barcode scanners. High and stable performance and competitiveness in price make it attractive and competitive on the markets. It's compatible with most point-of-sale systems, and can sharply increase productivity whilst cutting the cost for customers.

It has an excellent design with a powerful scan engine, creating unmatched performance and reliability. This on-the-counter 2D barcode scanner is suitable for supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and other similar retail stores.

This 2D presentation scanner scanner can reach 120 images per second when scanning 1D barcodes and 60 images per second when scanning 2D barcodes.

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